Reading Versus Television

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Some people think that it doesn’t matter if you read or watch television to learn more. But others say that it does matter.

If you read books, you are working your brain and learning new words that you might not have seen before. Not all books are based on a real story but there is always some truth to them.

The TV can keep you updated on current events or entertain you with TV shows.

How do you feel about reading?

“I love reading, and it makes me sad, because I do not have any spare time to read and engross myself in the amazing worlds created by words,” senior Kathryn Studer said.

“I like it, it can be interesting or boring,” seventh grader Evlyn Ealy said.

How do you feel about watching TV?

“I like TV because it takes your mind off of things,” seventh grader Evlyn Ealy said.

“TV is a waste of electricity unless it is being used for music or the Discovery/SyFy channel,” senior Kathryn Studer said.

Which one is better for you?

“Reading is so much better because unlike TV, you can live through the story without electricity,” senior Kathryn Studer said.

“Probably reading because it does not rot your brain,” seventh grader Evlyn Ealy said.

“TV, it’s on all the time for some reason,” Sierra Hardy said.

“My daughter is a voracious reader,” teacher Tim Morley said. “Because of that, she did really well on standardized testing. As a result, she has a $58,000 scholarship per year to attend Yale.”

Everyone has their own opinion but the one that really counts is your own. Don’t do what someone else wants you to do if you like to read or watch TV.

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