Puppy Chronicles: Nap time

Naptime for toddlers and puppies can be quite alike.

When toddlers get tired, they get crabby and can start crying, puppies like to whine and get crabby around naptime.

Masakeen and Lakoda, my two mastidanes, can get snippy when they want to sleep. Normally this isn’t a big issue with our dogs because they have a king size mattress in the middle of the living room, but Keen and Koda like to lay on us when they get sleepy.

Lakoda prefers to lay on my mom, but when she’s busy, Lakoda will come to me and lay on my chest. You have to scratch behind her ears for a good ten minutes before she will sleep and stop moving around.

Masakeen likes to lay on dad and he will sit in front of him and paw him until he scratches his neck then he will lay down and sleep. If the puppies are moved or if you move while they are sleeping they can get cranky, but all they do is growl a little and close their eyes again. If you get up while they are sleeping, they will sit up and pout because they want you to sit back down so they can continue their nap.

It doesn’t last long before they are up and running around again. After an hour of laziness and slobbering, the pups are ready to get back to their playing, much like toddlers do.

The older dogs enjoy a good nap as well, but they mostly prefer to lay on the comfy mattress specifically bought for them to sleep on. Once in a while, one of them will lay on the hardwood, but that is very rare.

Our dogs are very spoiled, and they know it. Good thing they don’t seem to mind all that much.

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