Prom Dresses: An Expensive Necessity

Last year's prom dresses

Prom is only a day away, and one of the most exciting parts is showing off your expensive gowns. Prices can range from hundreds of dollars to about thirty bucks.

Lindsey M
Lindsey Meister poses in her prom dress

“My dress was $35.00,” senior Lindsey Meister said

Mackenzie W
Mackenzie Wiser’s prom dress

“I found my dress on sale for about $64.00,” Senior Mackenzie Wiser said. “Honestly when I got my dress, I wasn’t expecting to find it, because I was helping a friend shop, but then it just caught my eye.”

“My prom dress was about $120.00,” junior Regan Bunker said. “I bought it at Raven’s Child in Traverse City.”

It can be a stressful time, finding a dress. You travel to about a hundred different stores hoping to find the perfect one. It has to be unique and represent your personality, but you also have to make sure that you are not wearing the same one as someone else.

“If someone wore the same prom dress as me and looked better, I might be a little mad,” sophomore Sydney DePauw said. “But it really depends on who it is and how I feel.”

Tomorrow is going to be a really exciting time. Hundreds of girls showing off their dresses and dancing the night away.

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