Project Unify aids students with challenges

Last year Project Unify took mentors and mentees glow bowling in Petoskey. Courtesy photo.

Starting new programs is always beneficial. Although there may not be many new programs this school year yet, there are some pursuing programs from previous years that are looking to take a big role within the upcoming years.

Project Unify is a program that was introduced to Inland Lakes just semi-recently. Project Unify is a program that gives students with disabilities the communication and peer support that they need.

Staff member Lisa Ronk takes charge within the program. Both Riley Furman and Ronk pair up getting the high school mentors together to make something happen with the Unify program.

Mentors are chosen based upon their leadership skills shown around the school and students who have the motivation to be a mentor in the program. Students who are looked at first are mentors from previous years as well as the students who are a part of Furman’s peer mentoring class.

Along with being paired up with a student, there are ways that the program involves the mentor and their mentee outside of school. The program hosts field trips throughout the year. For this year Ronk hopes to have four field trips where both the mentor and mentee go and build one-on-one bonding with each other. Ronk believes that the field trips are a great way for the mentors and mentees to bond and get to know each other.

Fields trips are fantastic, because students can interact in a setting outside of school,” Ronk said. “Having a relationship outside of school is very beneficial to all involved. The students (mentors and mentees) seems to enjoy activities outside of school, in a setting where they can relax and be themselves without worrying about academics or school settings.”

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