Preseason and why it’s important

PEAK training is lead by Matt Fielder, Kelly Kolb and Muffy McGraw.

Preseason training is the training and conditioning that takes place before the competition season. It is used to prepare athletes for the upcoming season and the grueling training that takes place during it. Preseason is important because it activates and re-engages athletes muscles that have been scarcely used since the previous competition season. Preseason and off-season training also help prevent injury. 

“To help develop your bodies and get them ready for the upcoming season, but also for injury prevention,” ATC Juliann Plimpton said.

You can also consider continuing your training into the off-season because you won’t lose the fitness you gained during the competition season. When you continue training you can bring down the intensity of your workouts and adapt them to maintain your fitness rather then increase it, this way you stay in shape while reducing the risk of injury. Keeping your fitness intact also makes for an easier and more comfortable transition into your competition season.

Preseason and offseason training also shows commitment to a sport. The people who are at preseason are putting in more work and practice compared to those who don’t attend and are getting continually better at the sport they are training for. Coaches can use preseason to see players progress and to help them decide who they want on varsity teams. 

“Coming in every weekend or a majority of them shows dedication and commitment to not only the sport but also your team,” junior Savannah Spence said.

Off-season practice/training days and times:

PEAK- Tuesdays & Thursday @3:15 in the R.A.C.

Running with Mrs. Furman & Mr. Beltz: Wednesday @3:15

Softball open gym: Sundays, 7-9 a.m. in the high school gym

Golf: After school in the R.A.C. by arrangement

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