Petoskey hosts fun 2 mile race

On Wednesday, September 5, the varsity cross country team traveled to Petoskey for their second meet of the 2018 season. This meet was set up as a 2 mile race rather than the traditional 5k. During the race a skunk ran onto the course and sprayed Senior Tyler major and Sophomore Charlie Kennedy. “It got in my eye and it reeked” Major said. The race was short but eventful.

Boys Results

6- Charlie Kennedy 12:13

18- Evan Malzynski-Fairchild 13:21

21- Ty Thompson 13:26

24- Nevin Thompson 13:53

28- Beau Dicus 14:29

31- Matt Hart 14:56

35- Hunter Bishop 16:18

“It was great race, the course was excellent and an excellent for the boys to get a handle on early season racing and get a good idea of their speed. They performed well and I like how they are shaping up.” said boys coach Brandon Beltz.

Girls Results

9- Falyn Mansfield 14:39

13- Lauren Vizina 15:18

16- Precious Delos-Santos 15:32

22- Haivyn Fielder 16:48

23- Makenna Hebert 16:57

24- Mara Clancy 18:08

25- Abbi Kline 18:09

“I am very pleased with our team today and how they performed. It was nice to run somewhere new and race a different distance in a low-key environment. Falyn Mansfield ran a negative race (second mile was faster than the first) and that was the most impressive thing I saw tonight. It is rare to have a high school runner with such control over their pace.” said girls coach Sarah Furman.

Next Meet: Charlevoix Mud Run 9/08/2018 at 10:00 a.m.

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Inland Lakes Senior. This is my second year writing for IL360. I am on the varsity cross country team and run distance on the varsity track team.

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