Perfect Class Ring

A class ring is suppose to show the four years of your life in  high school, all of your memories and accomplishments. Some people won’t take your ring serious some people work really hard to make the perfect ring. If you choose not to get a class ring you will regret not having that piece of jewelry that shows your work and dedication to going to school every day of your life. Some people don’t think that a class ring is important, that it’s just a ring.

“I think that class rings are a waste of money, because I would probably loose it anyway,” freshman Tyra Fletcher said.

Jonsens is the program that is making the rings for all of the students at Inland Lakes. They are paying for most of the ring so it’s affordable for everyone. They have came up with a lot of new styles of the ring like black cast, camo cast, gold cast, silver cast and a lot of great designs. You can do any design that you want and have anything on your ring. You could also put anything on the inside on your ring you can put something that means something to you or just your name. Your ring can be a great memory and tell an amazing story about the time spent in high school.

“I believe that class rings are an important to students, because it keeps all their memories in tact from high school,” freshman Abbi Kline said.

Class rings have different meanings to different kinds of people throughout the school. Some think they aren’t important and are way to expensive. Others think they are a great tool to remember all your memories from high school. Getting a class ring is your choice, just make sure you make the decision that makes you happy and not others. It’s a time to be yourself and unique, so don’t wait any longer and order one soon.

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