Pep Or Progress?

John Hulbert leads the crazies during theboys varsity game against Pellston on February 17. ©Kelly Boughner

We asked Inland Lakes staff and students about the student section at sporting events for the school:

Do you think that the Crazies are too aggressive and hard on the other team or do they support their school by cheering proudly?

“I’m a part of the student section,” junior Sky Bunker said. “And I think that we are supportive of our school.”

Parents from other schools that come to our gym to watch games tend to think we are rude and offensive while cheering. There is a difference between cheering on your school and bashing the other team. Inland Lakes staff and students seem to think our student section is on the right track.

“I’m in charge of the student section,” college readiness coach John Hulbert said. “If anyone was doing something wrong, I would be quick to correct them.”

“This idea is new to Northern Michigan, and with new ideas comes negativity,” varsity boys basketball coach Joe Mahoney said.

Some students and staff members such as our superintendent, Mr. Fred Osborn have received comments and concerns about this school’s student section.

Be supportive, and show your pride of this school, but always remember to be courteous and have class.


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