Partner Race Brings Champions

Cross country number two pair Abi Kline and Cleveland Baker tag for the exchange at the Boyne City cross country race on September 14.

He is the two-year defending champion at the partner race at Boyne City.

The cross country team travels to Boyne City every year to compete in the partner race. One boy and one girl get pared up to run. One of them will start first and run the first loop that is one and a half mile. Then they tag the other partner who runs their first lap. The runners end up completing two laps which adds up to 3.1 miles (5 km) each.

Inland Lakes dominated the course with their partners. At the end of the meet the team finished in second place with sixty-three points, only fifteen points behind Ellsworth. Senior Luke Passino is a two-year defending champion in the small school. Last year he won it with his twin sister Lexi. This season he won it with sophomore Hailey Shank.

1. Luke Passino/Hailey Shank 35.25
5. Abbi Kline/Cleveland Baker 37:07
8. Ian Dailey/Lexi Passino 39:01
13. Caleb Walters/Falyn Mansfield 40.24
14. Austin Fielder/Precious Delso-Santos 40:31
15. Brandon Dicus/Lauren Vizina 40:31

Sawyer Hodson/Anna Beardsley 46:49
Beau Dicus/Sheldon Vizina 51:26

Open Race
Hunter Bishup 24:12
Garret Hodson 24:43

“We are very pleased with the outcome of today’s race,” coach Sarah Furman said. “We saw some very promising performances on each side and saw lots of tenacity on the course today.”


The next race is at the Ellsworth House on the Hill on September 17 at 10:30 in the morning.

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