One Last Hurrah

The cheer team performed their Homecoming routine at halftime. Photo by Kelly Boughner

As the football season comes to an end, so does another cheer season.

For some this is their last cheer season for football. Sam Baker, Brandi Bennett, Pamela Braund, Carrie Plagens, Hailey Keber, and Desireè Leader are the seniors, and they have performed their last routine for the football season.

Captain Sam Baker was both excited yet sad.

“It was a bittersweet feeling I guess you could say,” Baker said. “My favorite memory from this year would have to be my coach flipping me and making me do a back walkover.”

Captain Brandi Bennett says her favorite memory from this year was cheer camp.

We put so much time and blood, literally blood, into the routine.

— Braund

“It allowed us to get very close to each other and it started the improvements of the season,” Bennett said.

Hailey Keber, a two-year veteran on the team, said, “I’m pretty sad that it’s my last routine. Honestly, reality didn’t hit me until now. I don’t ever want this season to end. It’s my favorite sports season. I’m going to miss my girls and Ty.”

Keber’s favorite memory from this year was playing Ships and Sailors with the team.

“We all enjoyed it and laughed at the goofiness and bonded very well doing it,” Keber said.

Desireè Leader was a rookie on the team this season and is saddened to see the end of the year.

“I’m sad but, I know I still have basketball season cheer to look forward to,” Leader said.

Carrie Plagens was also a rookie on the team this year and was overwhelmed while performing her last routine.

“It was overwhelming, but I was very excited to show the student body and the community what we are able to do,” Plagens said. Her favorite memory from this year was cheer camp.

Pamela Braund, also a two-year veteran, feels devastated to perform her last routine.

“It’s so hard knowing that I may never cheer with these amazing girls again and probably never see them again after I graduate,” Braund said. “I think it’s even harder now because I can’t be at the (last) game.”

All of the girls agreed that their favorite routine was the Homecoming routine.

“We put so much time and blood, literally blood, into the routine, and it turned out amazing,” Braund said.

Coach Erin Basgall agrees with the seniors on which routine was her favorite.

“That was the one we spent the most time on, and when we started the routine compared to the performance was a completely different team,” Basgall said. “That growth was my favorite part. Each one of them grew from August to that day.”

Basgall shared her favorite memory about all the seniors on this years team:

  • Carrie: “Being fearless about anything, sacrificing herself.”
  • Desireè: “I know sometimes she struggles, so she seeks out help. She’s getting better at that.”
  • Sam: “Sam is gonna be the hardest one to say goodbye too, because she was there since the beginning when I first started coaching.”
  • Brandi: “Same as Sam but, she came in the next season for basketball and Brandi and Sam are going to be hard to even think about leaving.”
  • Pam: “Her wobbling in on crutches the day she broke her foot last year, it showed her true dedication.”
  • Hailey: “The camp from last summer and this summer too, she didn’t do basketball season last season and we could feel that missing. Now she’s like the peppy life of the team.”

Basgall’s favorite memory from this season was when everyone hit the Homecoming routine.

“Even though there were struggles, there wasn’t anyone who took it out on each other,” Basgall said.

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