One Direction: Look How Far They’ve Come

One Direction is the biggest boy band in the world. They have been together for more than five years, but this year they recently lost a band member (Zayn Malik). They recently came out with a new album called Made In The A.M. Teenage girls and boys around the world have fallen in love with the four lovable boys and their albums.

“Their new album makes me want to fall on the floor and cry,” freshman Haley Hayner said. “I can barely handle it, but I love it so much.” 

One Direction’s music has changed throughout their albums, but this one is by far the largest departure from their beginning. Made in The A.M. is a mix of a bunch of different styles. Their single “Perfect” is getting plenty of time on the radio. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson collaborated on the writing of “Perfect.” It mentions that for one night, it could be perfect. That the singer and whoever he is singing to could be perfect for each other, even just for a little bit. We all know that nothing is perfect, but for that little bit, it could be. All their music has some type of meaning to the fans such as “What Makes You Beautiful.” Another example is “Little Things.”

“One Direction just makes me feel, like, so emotional, all the time,” freshman Ariana Whipp said.

This new album has made everyone feel emotionally unstable – from the change in voice to the meaning of the lyrics. It became number one on the charts within an hour of its release. 

At the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 22, One Direction won Artist Of The Year and Favorite Duo or Group- Pop/Rock.

Congrats to the boys on adding to their never ending list of awards!

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