Speed bump for vid pro lab

Yearbook writer Ariana Whipp captions photographs for the 2018 Nexus using Adobe Creative Suite software on Sept. 26. Photo by Emma Dubay

For the past eight years, the video productions lab used Apple iMac computers. As of the beginning of the school year, the iMacs have been replaced with BenQ monitors and Apple Mac Mini computers. 

Along with the new computer upgrade, Macally keyboards and mice are a new addition as well. As the previous lab aged, random mice and keyboards were used as replacements. The lab is used for multiple classes all throughout the day. With journalism, yearbook and vid-pro classes in and out the lab constantly, the technology gets good use every day. Over the years, the software grew slower and slower.

We use some pretty high-powered software in this lab – from video processing to desktop publishing to image processing,” journalism and yearbook teacher Tim Morley said. “It takes a lot of computing power to get all this done, so these upgrades speed up our workflow.” 

The new software was paid for with bond money that the school received following the August 2014 vote. The Macally keyboards and mice were chosen because of the cost difference between Macally and Apple.

Not only are the new computers a great upgrade, but also were a main requirement for the year.

“We bought the new computers because the old ones did not meet the minimum system requirements for the Adobe software we needed to run for the 17-18 school year,” technology director Jeff Yoder said.

Once the new computers came in, there were other things that could be done with the old iMacs other than just throwing them away. The iMacs were given upgraded software and hardware, then they replaced some of the teacher computers in the classrooms. The rest were then placed inside of the student center where some students take online classes.

The new computers are a success so far and continue to work at peak performance. The computers have definitely speeded up the vid pro, yearbook and journalism processes. 

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