New Superintendent Brings Family

Brad Jacobs, seen here during his November 1 second interview, will be offered the superintendent job. Photo by Kelly Boughner

At the turn of the year, a few new faces relocated to our area and are now at Inland Lakes, but not all of them are students. William and Addison Jacobs recently moved from Ludington to our neck of the woods, the reason being that their father, Brad Jacobs, is our new superintendent. It did not take them long to make friends, on account of this not being their first time moving schools. William Jacobs is in the sophomore class and is enjoying his time so far.

 “The people here are really nice and friendly,” William said.

For everyone, starting a new job can be difficult, but starting a new job in an unfamiliar town can be even more stressful. Luckily, superintendant Jacobs has been pleased with his time here. What’s comforting to him is that Inland Lakes shares some similarities with his old school, making the transition much smoother.

“I love it. It’s going great. It’s a similar makeup to Mason County Central. (The) kids have been great, the community, teachers, and staff have been really good so far, ” Brad said. “We love it.” 

Still, Mr. Jacobs has only been here a short time and his role as superintendent will take some getting used to. Like all new jobs, no matter how things seem, we can still be unexpectedly surprised by what we thought we had signed up for.

“Everything has been good so far, but I’m still only 2 weeks into the job. And I don’t know if it will be that I will dislike something, for say, or have an opportunity for change or a chance for growth,” Brad said.

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