Music To Our Ears

On December 6, the band and choir will put on their yearly Christmas show. The sixth grade band will also be performing at the show. If you come to the show, you will not only be serenaded by the band and choirs Christmas music selections, but will also be surprisenon-Christmas Christmas music.

“(You can expect) a whole variety of music, and I’m hoping you’ll have a good time,” band director Richard Brand said.

This year is a little bit different from other years because this is one of the youngest high school bands Brand has ever had as his time as band director.

“I think that they have worked through a lot of the struggles this year,” Brand said. “They are coming out pretty good you are seeing some good stuff from these people, I like this band.”

Stephen Wilson is entering his fifth year in the secondary band, and he has been section leader for the clarinet section for a little over two years. Wilson agrees with Brand that the younger band has made a huge difference on the band.

“There is a lack of upperclassmen, and it necessarily hasn’t been a problem with me personally,” Wilson said. “But I know it has been for other upperclassmen I know.”

Even though the band lacks upperclassmen, the underclassmen have came a long way for this performance. They have accomplished so many wonderful things at such a young age.

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