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warming up to music
Senior Casey Andrew listens to music while shooting around before the junior varsity game on January 5.

We asked Inland Lakes sports stars what kind of music gets them pumped up before a big game. Also what genre of music do you listen to?

People listen to music before a big game, because it can inspire them to go to another level with their game.

Lauren Vizina and Luke Mayer both agreed that rap is great music to listen to before a game, meet, or other sport events. Track runner Vizina said she prefers G-Eazy. Mayer said he likes to listen to Mark Battles to get pumped up before a game.

“I like to listen to G-Eazy, because he is hardcore,” freshmen Vizina said.

We wondered what made Luke and Lauren chose these artists. Luke thinks rap is the most influential music for pre-game. Lauren says her favorite song to get pumped up for a game is “Tumblr Girls” by G-Eazy.

“Rap music pumps me up,” freshman track athlete Cameron Biskupski said.

We asked him similar question, and it seemed we have got mostly the same results.

We also asked basketball star Mike O’Conner and he said “I like rap music, because it’s fast paced and gets me ready to go.”  

It seems after asking multiple athletes, we get the same results: rap seems to be the most popular music to listen to before a big game.

If you don’t listen to music before a sporting event, try it. It works for these four sports stars.

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