Music Review: Green Day’s Revolution Radio

Photo illustration by James Prodan

October 7, 2016 was a big day for American punk rock band Green Day as they release their twelfth studio album, Revolution Radio.

The album consists of 12 tracks, with their lead single being titled “Bang Bang”. Green Day seems to keep a very similar sound throughout the years and does not seem to have the most originality, but still is very popular.

It seems maybe people really like their sound or simply have nostalgic feelings, but lots of people still buy their music. They are a decent sounding band. It just seems that they may have run out of ideas to write new songs, as most of the songs on this album sound similar. It may also seem that they do not have the energy like they used to, because these songs are more laid back than the usual punk rock attitude that they had in previous years.

Green Day is a great band that has consistently put albums out for years, and it does not appear that they are letting up any time soon.

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