Music Department Rings In Holidays

For the band, concert season follows marching season, and the first concert of the season is the Christmas concert. This year, the concert fell on Thursday, December 3. The 7-12 band, 6th grade band, and the choir prepared for the last couple months. The 7-12 band had about a month, because they did not start concert music until after marching season.

“I think we did great,” band senior Claudia Derr said. “Even though we only had a month to practice the songs we got.”


The choir had six songs: Carol of The Bell, Compos, Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bell Rock, One Day and Oh Come all Ye Faithful, which they performed with the band. The band played five songs: Do You Hear What I Hear, Red Balloon, Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful and Drums On A Budget, which the percussion performed on everyday items like a bucket and a Monster bottle full of rice.


The anxiety building up to the big day made everyone start to doubt themselves, especially if they did not prepare properly. Be it not knowing all your lyrics or not knowing your notes and rhythms for whatever reason, the pressure from last minute preparation was what caused many of the choir and band people anxiety.

“We weren’t prepared fully, making people more nervous,” band and choir senior Kathryn Studer said.

But they always seem to pull off a great concert, every time. This morning, they took a few minutes to discuss any complements they received or overheard.

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