Movie/Book Review: A Dog’s Purpose

Dennis Quaid stars in A Dog's Purpose Photo Credit: Joe Lederer - © Universal Pictures /DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC and Walden Media, LLC.

Every dog is brought into this world for a reason, and in this situation, a dog lives many different lives and was put through many different tasks in order to find his purpose. He started his first life as Toby, a puppy who lived in the woods with his mother, brother’s and sister, then eventually moving to a place with other dogs. In his second life, he was known a Bailey, a Golden Retriever, who was loved by his boy Ethan and everyone else whom he had met. Then again he returned as Ellie, a female German Shepherd who was a dog on the police force. Lastly, he comes back as Buddy who finally finds his purpose upon reuniting with his old friend Ethan.

After reading the book and analyzing the movie, I believe that the book is much better than the film. The studio had changed many different things about the movie that were crucial details in the book. In the book, there were only four lives that the dog experiences, whereas in the movie they give the dog an additional life. Several additional scenes were also added that were never mentioned in the original storyline, and a character was made to appear more detestable than he was in the book.

Due to the changes, it did not draw my attention as well as the book did. In the book, the dog had lived four different lives, while in the movie, he lived five, resulting in many different changes that never happened in the book, making me feel let down and disappointed by the movie. I would give this film a two out of five-star rating while I would give the book a five out of five-star rating. The book was definitely a tear-jerking and heart warming tale about a dog trying to find his purpose while living many different lives. I would definitely recommend the book to a friend after watching the movie.

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