Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children was released on September 30.

Based on the book series by Ransom Riggs, this book has a twist of horror, fictitious creatures and also children and teenagers being born with mystical powers. If you haven’t read the first book, this movie will be good for you if you enjoy the genre. On the other hand, if you did read the book, you would find that this takes many liberties in the telling of the story instead of basing itself entirely on the facts and events in the book. Regardless of your reading habits, with skeletons coming to life and giant ships rising out of the ocean, this movie just about has anything that you could think of.

Rather than holding to the book’s narrative, much like most other movies based on a book, changes were made to the original interpretation – a lot of changes.

The first half of the movie seemed to stick like glue to the book. Everything seemed to flow evenly, until the middle and ending. It seemed as though Tim Burton and crew could not stick to the book and they were like, “Let’s just throw in some nonsense that nobody understands!” and everyone agreed with him.

I give this movie a Thumbs Down. The reason behind this is because all of the added scenes and information made it so that the ending was confusing and hard to follow. A couple of the characters were altered as well, making one of the main characters practically a different person in the movie. Even the villains were modified for the movie. There was a scattering of antagonists in the movie, but in the book there were hundreds. Then, the way they became villains in the first place was different in the movie. The list of changes could go on and on about this movie, adding to the growing notion that the book was much better than it’s theatrical interpretation. 

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