Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

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The live-action film Beauty and the Beast came out on March 17. It stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, and Ian McKellen. This was one of the many Disney movies on the list of fairy tales that have received a remake in live-action.

When watching the 2017 live-action film, you will start to notice that the directors and writers decided to use lines from the 1991 animated film, along with the same songs, like the classics: ‘Be Our Guest’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Gaston’, and ‘Belle’. But one song that they did miss out on is ‘Human Again’ when all the objects and servants clean up the whole castle because they are excited that the Beast and Belle are falling in love.

The new film did add a song that Beast sings when he decides to let Belle go, after the romantic night of dinner and a dance. We would never have guessed that the Beast would even dare to sing in the 1991 film since we get the idea that he has a dark and angry personality until he meets Belle. We also get to see how Belle’s mother dies in a scene where Belle and the Beast go to an abandoned windmill and they find objects that reveal parts of Belle’s past; whereas in the animated film it didn’t even mention anything about Belle’s mother.

Other than these few changes, the movie itself is definitely satisfying. With the original lines in from the 1991 movie being present in this remake, along with a new character that has a connection with a talking wardrobe, this film is truly a beauty come to life.

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