Metallica Rocks Again

It has been eight years since Metallica last released a studio album. This year saw the breaking of this lull. With some of the most polished and best sounding music they have ever produced, Metallica comes back with an all new album on November 18 2016 , “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”.

Metallica still maintains one of its longest running lineups. They must be doing something right to be this popular and keep producing albums for so many years.

Metallica’s lead single for this album was “Hardwired”.

Metallica has a signature sound that is hard to be confused with any other band, and this album is no exception. “Hardwired”, the first single, sets the bar high as you could immediately tell that this was Metallica and they were back to prove something to the world. The whole album needed to keep the bar high, because expectations were high, as it had been so long since the last album.

Many people have been awaiting this album, expecting greatness from it, and Metallica delivered. If you were a true fan of Metallica from back in the day, then you will appreciate the work they have into this album, because it is reminiscent of Metallica’s older thrash. They have gone back to their roots and many of us are grateful of that, as they did have less successful years of production.

We feared the worst for them but this album has redeemed their thrash title.  

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