New AD/AP brings enthusiasm, experience

New AD/AP Frank Schneider joins sophomores Dawson Brace, David Burkhart, Thomas Hayner and Krillin Nelson in a lunch time basketball game on Sept. 21. Photo by Izabelle Lock.

Last spring the school board did not renew the contract of athletic director Ryan Svoboda and began the search for a new Athletic Director and Assistant Principal. After a long search the board decided to bring in Frank Schneider from Charlevoix.

Frank Schneider brings 16 years of experience as a teacher, coach and principal to the athletic director/assistant principal role. Photo by Thomas Trombly

“Before Inland Lakes, I was a principal for all the special education programs, kindergarten through age 26, for Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District,” Schneider said. “I spent the last eight years there.”

The process was long to hire a new AP/AD, but Schneider thinks there was a special reason he was hired for the positions.

“I think a big part of being hired is, if you fit in with the community, and I think the fact I have lived in Northern Michigan my whole life, I understand how the community works,” Schneider said.

There is a lot of work that goes into being a Athletic Director and a Assistant Principal.

“Really it’s a lot more involved than I even thought it would, there’s a lot of paperwork, which was surprising for me. There’s contracts you have to sign with local school districts for every event that you do, you have to sign contracts with the officials. You have to schedule and coordinate your workers” Schneider explains. There’s a lot things that the athletic director and the assistant principal has to do for the student body and the school, especially the little things for example: getting a new vending machine and fixing computers.  There’s a lot more complex things you have to do in a football or basketball game other than walking around and watching a game and you have to focus on the coordination of everything that leads to that event.”

But there are more reasons than just being a local guy that allowed Mr. Schneider to land the job.

“My skill sets with behavior management, my coaching experience, and those types of things actually enhanced my ability to get this position,” Schneider said.

First impressions are very important when you are getting to know someone, or in this case a new place.

“I think Inland Lakes is a great school district,” Schneider said. “My biggest thing is that I really enjoy our students and their families. You look at those things where you want to build and help enhance a culture and to get these kids to take some pride in who you are and where you are from.”

Even with the new job, a lot of people to meet, and a new town to get used to. Mr. Schneider does want people to know that he is here to work, but is also a good guy.

“At the end of the day, I’ve got a pretty good sense of humor,” Schneider said. “I can be serious. We are going to work and get stuff done that we need to get done, but I like to have fun doing it.”

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