Lili’s Life: the French word for procrastinate is tergiverser

Lili Seroussi multitasks during class.

We all have the moment where we’re supposed to work, be active, do homework, but the only thing we are doing is pushing it back to tomorrow, or doing everything possible but the thing we are supposed to finish.

I do not have the solution to how to make you work. There are enough inspirational quotes out there, but I can tell you what you can do to procrastinate and still be productive. That way you do not have to face the guilt tomorrow, or at least not as much.

So let’s start :

  1. Watching videos on Youtube. Yes, I know that you already do that, but the videos I’m talking about are not the videos of the kittens that look adorable, or the best football tackles, touchdowns, whatever you call it. There are A LOT of educational videos that are actually entertaining out there, on almost every subject. So maybe you can just chill in front of a video teaching something, eating snacks on your bed. Check out they are very cool videos, about individuals who try to change something in the world, and sometimes the individuals are teenagers.
  2. How about you learn a new language? There are tons of free, entertaining, websites dedicated to the learning of a foreign language. Check out just to try and maybe learn french 😉
  3. Actually start a project that you have always wanted to do, write a book, learn how to play an instrument, write a song, learn how to draw, start a paint, decorate your room or even exercise for those who aren’t really on the artistic side. Or just try to discover something, another field and who knows? Maybe you’ll love it.
  4. Read short story collections. There’s something so satisfying about reading a short story because you can feel it all at once. Right now, I am reading collections of Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury.
  5. Daydream.

Maybe, none of those ideas work for you. But the purpose of doing those things is to make you move with your ambitions. School will give you (Or maybe not. We are not all scholars ) an academic intelligence, but you need way more than that. I would not be here if the only intelligence I based myself on was being book smart.

And if you are still positive that being academically intelligent is the only thing you need, just tell yourself that the biggest colleges, universities that you might be aiming for, look for others things than straight-A’s students.

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