Lili’s Life: Thanksgiving


It is the day Americans give and eat a lot of food to finally end up in a food coma, but still manage to have enough strength to go Friday shopping until late at night.

As a foreigner, I used to see this event happening from the other side of the ocean. Thanksgiving is an American event. It deals with the Pilgrims and the liberation or something like that, so people in Europe do not celebrate it. I have some friends who are Americans and live in Paris, so they do celebrate it, but Europeans don’t.

I really liked the food: the turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and a lot more. Thanksgiving is a very warm reunion with family, where every subject is brought up. That’s how it appeared to me, even though my main focus was the food.

Now about Black Friday: I love shopping. It is a guilty pleasure of mine. Black Friday is starting to become popular in France, but online only. Stores do not open all night long and when I realized they did here, I was very, very happy.

I entered Walmart and could not actually believe what I was seeing. Carts, or even multiples, sometimes, full of all sorts of things. It went from TV screens to huge teddy bears. It was very funny to see all those people just rushing and getting stressed over deals.

I didn’t end up buying a lot of things since I used black Friday deals for clothes, and most of it was done online.

I really enjoy my first ever ( and probably last ) Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping, seeing the importance of these events made me realize that America is about traditions with the family, which is also important in Europe but not as much, or at least not in my own family.


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