Life without a smartphone

I’ve gone the past three months without a cell phone and, honestly, life is so much easier.

Other people that are used to having their phone with them or right next to them 24/7 probably will read that first sentence as a death sentence, or something like that, because they haven’t given it a chance. I don’t blame them though. I didn’t have a choice to keep my phone or not, but I’m so thankful because I didn’t know how much work or new things I could have learned without a phone. To be truthful, it is bad sometimes when you are stranded somewhere without a ride or no way to get in contact with anyone, but other than that, it’s pretty great.

There are a few main things I’ve learned by not having a cell phone

  • You’re more focused on more important things.

While I had my phone, I was always slacking off and not trying to get things done. I wasn’t really paying attention to the things I should have been. Once my phone was taken, it made me realize I needed to really buckle down and actually start trying and caring. Since then my grades have gone up a lot, and school and work have been going so much smoother since I don’t have a distraction in my hand the whole time.

  • So much stress is lifted off you.

Once my phone was gone, I felt so much more relieved about everything. When I had my phone, I didn’t even realize that it caused me too much stress. All the social media and everything on the internet is what everyone is constantly worried about. Trust me, there is a lot of drama around this school and most of it is based on social media such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Once I got away and out of all that, it felt so nice to just forget about it all and it has been a great stress reliever.

  • You use your brain more and are more organized

Everyone thinks that their cell phone is their daily reminder to do things. Basically, most people use their phone as their brain. People are constantly setting reminders on their phones, thinking it will help them get things done on time. Yes, it is nice to have a reminder like that. When you are being forced to not have a phone though, it is a different story. When you have no phone to remind you of things, you are forced to count on and use your brain. When I did not set myself reminders, I always forgot about things, but since I don’t have one, I do things people refer to as “old fashion,” like write myself sticky notes or write a note on my arm. Sometimes, lately, since I haven’t had my phone for so long, my brain will actually come through, and I just remember myself. To wake up in the morning, I even learned how to use an actual alarm clock instead of counting on my phone.

Not having a cell phone really forces you to open up your eyes and realize that technology and social media have basically taken over people’s lives. Even in my First Year Experience class, we have been talking about how it affects study habits and people’s minds. If people would take the chance to give up their phone for even two weeks, they would really realize a lot of these things.

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