Let’s Talk About Piercings

“Ew! No piercings!”

“I absolutely adore piercings!”

Piercings are a strange topic to talk about. People either cringe or light up when hearing about purposefully puncturing holes in bodies.

What’s the point?

Some people believe that it is a way to express themselves or use them for aesthetic value. It could even be a religious or spiritual practice.

“I think piercings are very cute!” senior Taylor Fletcher said. “I like that you can experiment with them. You can either leave them in, take them out, or add more!”

Sophomore Hailey Fowler shows her healed nose piercing. Photo by: Sydney Schoonmaker

This art form shows that one is rebellious, that they are not afraid to express themselves. Certain piercings can make one feel original. There are over 50 different types of piercings including on your ears, face, and body. The most popular piercing for women (according to www.listworld.com) is the naval, or belly button, piercing. For men, it is the nipple piercing.

Senior Bailey Spivey flashes her sparkly naval piercing. Photo by: Sydney Schoonmaker

“I think that if piercings aren’t outrageous, then they are fine. I like them in moderation. I even have a nose piercing,” senior Mackenzie Wiser said. “But when it comes to gauges and tongue rings, I am not a fan.”

Kortny Hahn flaunts her tongue piercing. Photo by: Sydney Schoonmaker

Gauges can be more of a controversy when it comes to body modification. Gauging, or stretching, is a type piercing that has been practiced for thousands of years. The earliest known person to have stretched ears is the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen. More recently, it has become a trend in the United States. Gauging is usually done in small increments to minimize the possibility of scar tissue.

Though gauging is typically done through a person’s earlobes, they can be pierced throughout the body, including the lips, nose, and tongue.

“I would never get a piercing, because it can get infected, and I could lose a body part,” senior Jared Scott said. “I have no reason to risk it.”

So if you are grossed out now, you will probably want to go read the sport section or something, because we are now going to talk about the importance of keeping your piercing clean. The normal symptoms of a healing piercing are bruising, bleeding, itching and swelling. I mean, you just punched a hole through your body! Of course, you are going to be a little sore. You should avoid touching your piercing for at least 24 hours after getting the procedure done. Depending on what your piercer prescribes, the most common thing to use is sea salt and warm water. You MUST get the solution in the piercing all the way to avoid infection. You can also shower daily to keep your piercing clean. If you notice that the area around your piercing is red or has been swelling for a long period of time, it may be infected. If it is giving off discharge or pus, then it is infected. If it is giving off heat, then it may also be infected. Be sure that you get it treated right away of it may end up like this:


Notice how around the area of the punctured skin is red. This is a minor infection that can be cured easily. You can clean your piercing with alcohol or a saline solution. If the infection gets severe enough, you may have to contact a doctor.

If you decide to get a piercing, make sure it is healthy and sanitary. Piercings can be a fun and unique way of expressing one’s self and their beliefs.

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