Let’s Make Our Own Holiday

Throughout the years of new holidays and new trends we all have our favorites. Some national holidays aren’t even recognized by anybody. There is national donut day which is on Friday, June third, there is also national chocolate cake day was on Wednesday, January twenty seventh, and national elephant day is on August twelfth. There are many more national holidays that we don’t even know about but what if you could create your own holiday? We interviewed Alex Carper, Peyton Frost, Robert Booth, Tristan Overholt, and Brandi Bennett to see what holiday they would create if they could make one. The first question we asked first was what is their favorite holiday.

“My favorite holiday is national chocolate cake day and Martin Luther King day,” Alex Carper responses to the first question. We then asked if he had a special tradition for it and if his friends or family were involved in it.

“I eat chocolate cake on national chocolate cake day, but I don’t have any special traditions for Martin Luther King Day,” Carper replies. Then we asked if he could create any holiday of his own, what would it be and how many days would it last.

“My birthday, every day of the year,” Carper replies full of enthusiasm. On this special holiday, what would be the food that you would have to eat on that holiday?

“Brownies with french fries,” Carper says. We then asked Carper why he picked his birthday to be a national holiday.

“I choose my birthday as a holiday because I would get presents everyday,” Carper explains. Since each holiday has there own colors like for example red and green is for Christmas, blue, pink, and yellow for easter and red, orange, and yellow for thanksgiving we asked what colors he would pick for his holiday.

“Hot pink and brown,” Carper responded with no hesitation. Now how would Carper inform people about the new holiday?

“I would just put up posters everywhere,” Carper says causally.  

We then interviewed Peyton Frost to get his opinion on which holiday he would create if he could create his own holiday. First we asked what was his favorite holiday which most people aren’t informed about.

“National donut day,” Frost says seriously. We then asked if he has a special tradition for this holiday.

“Well know that I know that there is actually a holiday about donuts I will start eating tons of donuts on that day,” Frost says while smiling. Will he have his friends and family participate in it?

“I will be having my friends and family participate in it,” Frost notes. Now we went into the part where we asked what holiday he would create if he could create the holiday of his dreams.

“I would create a holiday where you didn’t have to go to school for an entire week,” Frost says excitedly. What would be the national food that you would have to eat on that day?

“The national food would be donuts,” Frost replies. What would be the national color of Frost’s make believed holiday?

“Just a plain brown nothing else,” Frost simply responds. How would Frost spread the his make believe holiday?

“I would give out free donuts,” Frost explains.

We then moved on to Robert Booth to see what make believe holiday he would come up with. First off, what is Robert’s favorite holiday?

“Memorial day, and every year My family and I go camping and I also invite Peyton Frost to go along with us,” Booth comments. We then asked what holiday Robert would make up if he had the choice of doing so.

“I would make a national football day because football is life,” Booth explains. How long would this holiday last?

“A week,” Booth replies casually. Booth was different then both Carper and Frost responses to the national food for that day.

“Barbeque everything,” Booth exclaims. He also commented that the national colors would be America’s colors red, white, and blue. Booth decided to spread his make believe holiday through social media.

We then moved on the Tristan Overholt to receive his opinion. What is Overholt’s favorite holiday?

Christmas definitely because I get presents and a huge dinner,” Overholt explains. Then we asked what holiday would Overholt create if he had the choice.

“I would create a holiday where Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving we all together, think about it, You get presents with a bunch of candy from Easter and Halloween and a huge dinner from Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect holiday,” Overholt explains enthusiastically. This sounds like an amazing holiday, but how long would it last?

“Only for a week,” Overholt answers. Overholt also explains that the national colors would be green, black, white, and orange and he would spread the holiday by using a blimp.

Last but definitely not least  we interviewed Brandy Bennett to wrap up the interviews.

“My favorite holiday that is not known to most people is national cheerleading day,” Bennett answers. She also adds that she has no tradition for it. Now what holiday would Bennett create if she was given the chance.

“I would create a national spongebob day and it would last four days and the national food would be hamburgers since Krabby Patties don’t actually exist,” Bennett says happily. I think we can all guess the national colors for that day.

“Pink and yellow for Spongebob and Patrick,” Bennett says. Bennet also goes with Booth because she would spread her tradition by social medias as well.

It would be so much fun to create national holidays if you were giving the chance to. It doesn’t matter if they were silly or serious it all depends on what you would like.

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