Let’s Be Mature About This

There have been a lot of subs in the building in the past few weeks, as teachers work on long-term planning and attend professional development. Photo by Kelly Boughner

Imagine you are having a great day, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your day is all around fantastic. Then out of nowhere, someone comes along and calls you a bad name, makes fun of you, and does everything in their power to get under your skin. You would not be having such a great day then, would you? I bet it would completely ruin your day. You wouldn’t want that to happen you, correct? Now, why is it that whenever there is a substitute teacher, some people make it their personal goal to cause them to feel bad?

A substitute teacher is new around the classroom, and are trying to figure out how the classroom is usually run. Just because they are new does not give a person the right to sit there and make fun of this substitute or say something that is inappropriate and uncalled for, just to get under their skin. People like to test these teachers by playing loud music or outright not caring what the substitute has to say. It shouldn’t be this way. These human beings should not have to walk into work one morning afraid of what’s going to happen to them while they are doing what they get paid to do.

Would you sit there and test your manager or boss at your place of employment just to get in their heads? The answer is obviously no because you would be fired. If you wouldn’t do this to your boss, then why is it okay to do this to a teacher?

The fact of the matter is, treat people how you would like to be treated. One would hope that people would be able to follow the aptly named golden rule, but there always seems to be exceptions. Can we fix the maturity level, please? That’s all we ask for.

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  1. Great, your article show much more maturity than many adults. If we all lived by the “Golden Rule” what a much better world it would be. Your Mom should be very proud,

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