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The spirit stick is a prize that every cheerleader strives for. It is awarded every week to a cheerleader who was the most spirited. Winning the spirit stick is like winning an Oscar in the cheerleading world. It shows that all of your hard work and dedication has paid off.

“It is something that helps our team on a weekly basis to continue to be positive because everybody can get into a negative rut and it’s not just our team, but it’s like staff, classes, students, and administration everybody gets into a negative rut,” coach Erin Basgall said. “I think that something like the spirit stick brings positivity and it’s something that everyone strives for because it shows that, that one person really dug out a lot of positive and tried to get the team positive.”

This weeks winner was Desireè Leader. Leader is entering her second season on the team, her first being this past football season.

Basgall and co-captain Mya DeMello both agree that Leader has improved a great deal from last season.

“She’s showed major improvement and her movements are very stiff,” said DeMello.

Leader was both surprised and happy when she found out she won the spirit stick.

“I was so surprised, but I was super happy I was stunned. I just froze and was like, ‘Me?’,” Leader said.

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