Girls fall in last conference game of the season

On Tuesday, February 20th. Inland Lakes hosted their last girl’s game at home against Bellaire. The last time the Lady Bulldogs played Bellaire, they lost by 10 point, but that was without Mara Clancy and Sydney DePauw due to injuries. The second time around the girls just didn’t have enough in them to steal the win and lost by 17 points. The final score of the eighth was 40-23 eagles. The girls ended their conference season 6-10.

The first quarter was a high scoring quarter for both of the teams. Both teams came out ready to win, but when it came down to who wanted it more. The Bulldogs did a better job passing the ball, but at times they would force it in down low and leading to a turnover. The girls added 10 points to the board in the first quarter, while Bellaire scored 14 points. The top scorer of the night was Mara Clancy with 7 points, while Lexi Brendly had 6.

Heading into the second quarter, the Bulldogs are still in their normal one-three-one zone defense while Bellaire set up in a two-two-one zone defense. Inland Lakes had a total of 24 rebounds by the end of the night and leading the team in rebounds was Brendly. DePauw and Hailey Shank with 5 each. Overall the Bulldog defense was great and kept the pressure on Bellaire all night.

Ending the first half, the Eagles still held the lead, 29-17.

Starting the third quarter, the Bulldogs prepared themselves for the second half and focused on not let up on their defense. The Bulldogs give up 7 points to the Eagles while the Bulldogs scored once in this quarter. The girls’ shots just weren’t on tonight. Bellaire eventually falls into a man to man defense so the Bulldogs begin to pick and roll. The girls did much better on not fouling against the Eagles and only had 7 team fouls. Ending the third Bellaire 36-19.

Ending the second half of the game, Bulldogs go to a two-three zone defense and let the Eagles score 5 points: the Bulldogs gained 4. Camryn Glynn won player of the game. She had two big buckets late and grabbed two rebounds. The Bulldogs pulled back on their pressure and Bellaire just passed the ball around until they had an open shot and would shot. Ending the game 40-23, the Eagles took home the win.

The final regular season game is Feb. 22 in Mackinaw City. The junior varsity starts at six o’clock.

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