JV teams drop games due to weather

The parking lot stood empty on Feb. 12.

Due to the poor weather conditions, the past couple of weeks, the Inland Lakes JV Girls and JV Boys basketball teams have had to drop games within their season. Wednesday, Feb. 20 the girls and boys varsity basketball teams will be traveling to Joburg without their JV teams due to districts being right around the corner.

“It’s different that we don’t travel with the Varsity boys because of games being canceled,” sophomore Dominic Betke said.

There is no room for the JV games within the schedule because Varsity needs to fit in all Ski Valley Conference games. Due to so many snow days, there have been many cancellations to all of the varsity girls and boys basketball schedules. Teams are starting to double up on games with other schools and are even fitting in Saturday games.

“I am not impressed about it, I would rather have a game where our parents take us if it’s canceled, so we aren’t the schools’ responsiby. I think that there are other ways around it to reschedule them instead of canceling,” sophomore Abi Rang said.

Many JV boys and girls players are upset about not having all of the scheduled games.

“I think that it is not good because we need the experience from the games before moving up to Varsity,” freshman Mason Blumke said.

While others aren’t as affected by the cancelations of the games and just want to finish the season.

“I couldn’t care less because I don’t want our games going into other seasons,” sophomore Liz Wilson said.

On Saturday, Feb. 23 the boys Varsity and JV will be traveling to Gaylord St. Mary for a Saturday game at 2 p.m. Also on Sat. March 2, the girls Varsity and JV will have a home game against Central Lake at 2 p.m. The varsity boys are planning on having districts in Charlevoix against East Jordan at 5:30 on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Shortly after that on Monday March 4, the girls Varsity will be traveling to Mancelona to play Mancelona at 5:30.

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