JV nearly doubles up Detour

Jesse Witulski and Jaden Hurst pressure Detour during their win on Jan. 24. Photo by Paige Proctor

The Bulldogs played the Raiders in DeTour on Wednesday night. The junior varsity had not practiced for 5 days becuase of the weekend and weather conditions early in the week, then had a 1:45 bus ride. They started off the game really slow. At the end of the first quarter the score was 16-8. The Bulldogs were down.

The Bulldogs did not let the score get to them. They kept trying and at the end of the half, the score was 23-18 with the Raider still winning.

“I was just very angry,” sophomore guard Hunter Bishop said. “I feel like we should have been winning by at least 30 at the half, but we couldn’t get it going and I came out with a fire I don’t know if anyone else did but I did.”

Starting off the second half the Bulldogs knew they needed to step up their game. They were pushing the ball and working as a team. When they came out they looked like a whole new team. At the end of the third quarter the BUlldogs were up 38-33.

In the final quarter, the Bulldogs never let up and ended up blowing the Raiders out of the water. The final score was 64-37.

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