JV Girls Tower Over Bellaire

Hannah Green grabs a defensive rebound early in the first quarter. ©Tyra Fletcher

Bellaire hosted the lady Bulldogs on Thursday, February 4. The junior varsity Bulldogs pushed through to win, even after 2 days off this week.

Bulldogs pressured full court, creating numerous turnovers. The halftime score was 15-4, holding Bellaire to just 2 points in each of the first two quarters.

Bellaire came out tough in the third, out scoring the Bulldogs 9-7, but the JV Dogs came out strong in the fourth and outscored the Eagles 10-7 in the final eight minutes.

The JV were lead by Hailey Shank and Hannah Green who each had twelve points.

“I think we played pretty well tonight,” Camryn Glynn said. “You could definitely tell that we haven’t practiced for two days.”

The JV girls record now stands at 8-5.

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