JV girls fall to Onaway in opening

Sophomore point guard Grace had 16 points in the 56-26 junior varsity loss to Onaway on Dec. 11.

On Dec. 11 the Inland lakes junior varsity and varsity girls had their first basketball games of the season. The games took place at home against the Onaway lady Cardinals. Going into the first half of the game the JV girls were ready to get out onto the court and play. Freshman Marissa Jones went up and won the tip-off, allowing the Lady Bulldogs to score right away and take the lead.

Going into the second quarter the Bulldogs were ahead by 8. The Cardinals started to play a harder defense and the Bulldogs were not expecting it. the Cardinals ended up getting a lead in the second quarter. During the third quarter, the Bulldogs started to step up their defense in hope to suppress the Cardinal’s offensive plays. The Bulldogs ended the third quarter down 15-22.

Going into the 4th quarter the team was getting tired and started to move around slower than usual. They were working hard and trying their best to get the lead again, but was unable to get back in the lead. By the end of the game, the Cardinals beat the Bulldogs by a score of 26-56. The Bulldogs hope to take this loss and learn from it for their next game. “We have improved since our scrimmages and we looked better on the court then we did from our previous scrimmages,” sophomore Emely Raber said. 

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