JV dominates Central Lake

The junior varsity volleyball team cheers after scoring a point during the 3-0 loss to Onaway on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

The first game was a back and forth battle between the Lady Bulldogs vs the Lady Trojans. Every time the Bulldogs would catch a lead, the Trojans were able tie it up. In the end, the Bulldogs managed to pull through with the win in the first match to 25.

By the second game the team was riled up and ready to fight hard to ensure the win.

Alyssa Byrne serves the ball during the home match against Central Lake on Sept. 6. The junior varsity won 3-0.

“Even though we won all three games, it was a tough first two games,” Grace Bunker said.

Again the second game was hard to pull through, but the team was determined to win and did not give up. After a while the Lady Bulldogs found the perfect spots to tip and serve and got a nice lead and it made the hard work pay off after winning the second and assuring winning the match.

The third match was just for fun after the Lady Bulldogs had already won, but both teams wanted to play for the love of the game. The third game seemed to be easiest for the Lady Bulldogs. After the game the girls ran up to the net and congratulated each other.

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