JV blanked by Rams

Freshman Steven Keith tries to elude a Harbor Springs tackle. Photo by Hailey Shank

In the first quarter, Harbor Springs scored 16 points. The Bulldogs were feeling defeated but were determined to keep going. Their minds were not in the game, and they were having trouble working together as a team.

Sophomore Jaden Hurst misses a tackle against Harbor Springs on Sept. 14. Photo by Hailey Shank

The second quarter Harbor scored 14 points, making the halftime score 30-0. 

The second half of the game, the coach stepped in and told the players to try hard and work harder. This created a spark and the players started working better together as a unit.

The Bulldogs held Harbor Springs to 8 points in the third quarter. 

In the final quarter Harbor Springs scored 6 points, while Inland Lakes went scoreless.

The final score was 44-0. 

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