Jostens Returns

Senior Collette Jankowiak examines her cap and gown which was delivered by Jostens on Wednesday, after being delayed during last Thursday's snow day. ©Sydney Schoonmaker

“It’s really exciting that graduation is drawing near so fast,” senior Jared Scott said.

In the fall, Jostens came to visit the seniors to talk about their graduation requirements: caps, gowns, and tassels. After months of waiting, their essentials finally came. Jostens sales women came to Inland Lakes on Tuesday, March 30, after being delayed during last Thursday’s snow day, to bring the seniors their pre-ordered cap, gowns, and accessories.

“I felt excited and a little anxious,” senior Nikki Crawford said. “Its all becoming more real and graduation is coming so soon.”

“This is one more step closer to getting out of here,” senior Andrew Ford said. “I felt the realization of how close we are getting to becoming our own adults.”

“I kept picturing us all in the gym waiting to walk,” senior Lindsey Meister said. “I’m very excited.”

With graduation only a few months away, seniors are kicking it into high gear in preparation for earning their diploma and entering the real world.

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