Is America Mature Enough?

Do you think it’s wrong to call African-Americans black? Most African-Americans have never lived in Africa, so why should we call them African-Americans instead of just Americans?

Would calling them black be describing them or could it be considered racism? Some people would say calling them African-Americans is polite and shows respect.

Could calling them black be considered derogatory?

“If it’s formal, then you should use African-American,” senior Mackenzie Wiser said. “It’s what I have always been told and taught was the correct term.”

“I would be offended if it was used in a mean way or if the person was harassing me,” senior Bailey Spivey said. “But if they said, like, ‘Oh that person is black’, then I wouldn’t be offended by it.”

“I think it’s wrong, because it’s almost like a racist term, calling them black,” freshman Abigail Schmaltz said. “They should be called African-Americans, because they deserve some respect for their nationality.”

“If you’re describing someone, then it’s not really wrong,” senior Dylan Hopkins said. “But if you’re using it to intimidate or other derogatory ways, then I would consider it wrong.”

So what do you think? Is it a form of racism to call African-Americans black, or is it just a describing word?

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