Indoor Difficulties

Freshman Gracie Henckel fields a ball during indoor practice.

The baseball and softball teams have both had major setbacks starting off the season with not being able to get outside to practice on the field. Both boys and girls varsity teams have a game tomorrow at Harbor Springs, and both teams are nervous because they have only had one day out on the field. It doesn’t help that Harbor is a decent team and could test both the boys and girls.

“It sucks being in the gym. You can’t do anything, it smells weird, and you run a lot,” senior Jarrett Blumke said. “We hit balls, we catch balls, we hit balls, we run and get the balls we miss, and we throw the ball.”

The golf team is also feeling the pain of being confined to the gym for practices.

“It’s hard to hit balls in golf when your not on the golf course, because it’s hard to see if you’re improving at all or how far you’re hitting it,” senior Noah Bunker said.

Adding to the discomfort felt by the softball team, 9&10 news was at the girl’s varsity practice conducting interviews for over an hour about them being state runner-up last season, limiting the time they were able to practice and work out the kinks.

The majority of the players all agree that it is a huge disadvantage to be in the gym and not being on the field. The equipment gets very unorganized and out of place, frustrating the coaches. It is hard to practice game-like situations in the gym because of it being so cramped, especially while watching out for balls being hit in the batting cage. Also, you are not able to go over the scheduled practice time because the next practice will be starting, so you really have to manage your time.

Hopefully, there are no more indoor practices and teams can get back into the swing of things.

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