In the Mind Of A Senior

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As each day passes, the seniors become closer to being graduates. Each week is filled with a new priority; scholarship deadlines, college orientations, prom, the senior trip, and finally graduation. And with the pressures of these life choices setting in, emotions are flooding through these young adults.

“I feel anxious but I am very antsy for graduation to come,” senior Mackenzie Wiser said. “I’m ready  to finally move on with my life and expand my horizons.”

“It’s a little nerve-racking but yet so groovy,” senior Bailey Spivey said.

“It’s exciting because it’s a new chapter of our lives,” senior Dylan Hopkins said. “But it’s sad because the people you’ve grown close with over the years, you probably won’t see again.”

As exciting as it can be to get out of high school and start your own life, there are decisions that each person has to make. There are so many options and opportunities for a young person starting out, deciding which one is best is the hard part.

“Im going to go into the National Guard and attend Olivet College to achieve my masters degree in criminal justice,” senior Doug Langone said. “Then I will re-enlist into the army as an officer.”

“I’m going to NCMC for my basics,” senior Grace Griggs said. “Then I’m going to start working in animation.”

Time is ticking, and the anticipation grows by the minute. Are the seniors ready for adulthood? Or are these responsibilities weighing too heavy on their shoulders?

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