Lili’s Life: the Homecoming dance

Sydney DePauw sings along with a song while dancing with friends at the Homecoming dance on Sept. 30.

The Dance.

The Homecoming dance.

It is an interesting concept, seeing everyone getting excited about what dress to wear, what shoes, the make-up, and spending 5 hours on Pinterest to find the perfect hairstyle. I found myself adding quite easily to the general mood right before the dance. Guys, even though they participate in the effort by actually showing up and dance, are way less into it, which actually surprised me since, if we had a dance in France, nobody would actually show up.

The preparations are pretty intense. People go to professional or wait to be with their friends to prepare. But most importantly – the pictures. The numbers of pictures people take is huge. This is very American, and when I say that, I mean that nobody does that in Europe. Not that it is not well seen, just people don’t do it, because there are no dances in our school’s schedules.

I noticed something quite interesting at the dance – the numbers of couples there actually were on the dance floor. The concept of dating is so big here. In France, you don’t have that many couples, and if we had dances we would go with our friends.

What was very new for me, was the king and queen for Homecoming. I’ve been told that there wasn’t such an importance and that it was ‘just cool’ to be a Homecoming Royalty. If this wasn’t that big, then I’m waiting to see the Prom’s elections.

In Europe, a lot of students wished there were dances, to be just like the protagonists of their favorites teenage TV show and be elected to the Prom Crown. But since it isn’t a thing, people are way more reluctant to actually make campaigns and compete, so even if we did it in France, it wouldn’t be as huge.

Even if there were some awkward moment, where I stand in between all of those couples, I had a great time, and finally understand the myth that surrounds American dances.

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