Holidays coming for Homecoming

The Passino twins, Luke and Lexi, will return to relinquish their Homecoming crowns on Sept. 29. Photo by Kelly Boughner

With the school year just starting out, students are slowly starting to get back into the school routine. Along with this, the students are getting ready for Homecoming on Sept. 29 and 30.

With Homecoming being one week sooner this year, student council is a little bit more rushed. Student council is the group that has to come up with the themes and get everything ready for the dance, including chaperones. The classes also have to get everything ready and to be prepared when it is time to start building the floats, keeping in mind the “Holidays” theme.

The Homecoming court videos that are shown at the Homecoming pep rally are filmed by vid pro teacher Nathan Jacques. Once the student body has seen these interviews, they vote on Homecoming king and queen.

Last week Friday, the student body voted for their class representatives and the senior Homecoming court.

Freshman representatives: Kelsey Van Daele and Steven Keith
Sophomore Representatives: Ava Hansel and Nathaniel Wandrie
Junior representatives: Alexis Lock and Alex Carper

Senior court, ladies: Mya Demello, Hannah Green, Maddy Milner, Makayla Henckel and Sydney DePauw
Senior court, gentlemen: Chris Murray, Dave Fornier, Ian Clancy, Thomas Trombly and Ben Schramm.

With the football season three weeks gone, the team is getting ready for the big game. The game always draws a huge crowd, which can put some additional pressure on the football team. Senior quarterback Ben Schramm believes that both he and his team are ready to power through the game and to hopefully take the win.

“[Winning the game will] definitely mean a lot, especially because the last couple years we’ve been down, and if we win it will definitely be a big win for us” Schramm said.

As the quarterback of the team, Schramm has to have confidence in both himself and your team.

“We’ll be prepared,” Shramm said. “I mean, we have good coaches, and they know what they are doing and they prepare us every week, so I believe that we will be prepared”

With a strong team and proud student body, everyone is getting ready to take on what they are up against for this year’s Homecoming.

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