Holes returns to classroom

Frank Holes returned to the classroom this fall after three years as the elementary principal. Angel Gibbs is one of his sixth grade technology students. Photo by Emma Dubay

Frank Holes Jr., a teacher of 13 years, returned to teaching this fall after being the elementary principal for the past three years.

“I was blessed to serve the students, families, and staff as the elementary principal for three years,” Holes said.

Holes is currently teaching English 8, Math 6, Technology 6, two classes of consumer math 12, and an hour of independent student courses in the student center.

“Moving to a supervisory role is a big change and far more responsibility than most people realize,” Holes said. “It includes some very long hours and many more working days, and you have to be ready to deal with emergencies at any time of the day or night.”

Holes says the job saw never dull,

“The best parts of the job were: working closely with students, many of whom bring many challenges with them and needed individual plans for improvement; spending time problem solving with teachers to make improvements around the school and in classrooms,” Holes said.

As you can tell Frank Holes is a hard working man and is going to miss being the elementary principal.

“Being an administrator is a huge change of professional mindset which capitalizes on skills and experience, and it is a job I miss very much.”

In the end, three years was a short time to be away from the classroom.

“It was nice to see so many of my former students who are now seniors in my consumer math classes, as well as many of the 6th graders with whom I previously worked in the elementary school,” Holes said.

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