Healthy Living Carves Up Dinner

Mr. Joe Mahoney’s fourth hour healthy living class prepared Thanksgiving dinner today.

With Thanksgiving a week away Mr. Mahoney’s fourth hour healthy living class did a big Thanksgiving meal as a class.

” It was pretty wonderful,” sophomore Jacob Wilson said. ” The food was good, my favorite was the smokies.”

The food varied from pumpkin pies, stuffing, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, and of course a giant turkey. The class had been planning this meal for a couple of weeks. Yesterday the class had an hour to prep there dish for the class.

” It was very tasty and everyone came into help it was a team effort,” senior Jared Scott said. “Mr. Mahoney is great at cooking turkey! It was great,”

As Thanksgiving approaches you should start planning your meal and hope it can be as good as Mr. Mahoney’s healthy living class.

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