Got tie dye?

The cross country team tie-dyed shirts for the Charlevoix Mud Run. Photo by Lauren Vizina

In preparation for the Charlevoix Mud Run on Saturday, the cross country team met at Lauren Vizina’s house Wednesday evening to get some funky t-shirts ready for some dirty work.

The dye made it a messy process and the squirt bottles made all legs an easy target to get splashed. Overall it was a great turn out on the girls part everyone was able to attend except a few due to personal obligations. Whoever was not called for was still made a shirt!

“My favorite part was Lauren’s mom’s food and ‘accidentally’ splashing people with tie dye,” junior Hailey Shank said.

After Wednesday the teams are ready to travel to Charlevoix and destroy their shoes and their new groovy shirts! Hoping for both to come home with a trophy!

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Inlandlakes Junior. Writer for Il360. Runner for the cross country and track team.

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