Girls struggle in Forest Area

Junior Mara Clancy dishes the ball down low to freshman Kelsea Van Daele early in a 48-43 loss at Forest Area on Feb. 15.

The girls traveled to Forest Area on Feb. 15 and struggled through most of the game. The girls lost their lead late and ended up losing by four points, 48-43.

Heading into the first quarter ready to dominate the court. Forest Area won jump ball and the Bulldogs set up in their one-three-one zone defense. Inland lakes struggled to shoot the ball and set up their plays due to senior guard, Lexi Brendly sitting the bench in the first quarter. The girls fought through the pressure of the Warrior’s defense but it wasn’t enough to catch up to the lead they had on them. The Bulldogs added 4 points to the board while Forest Area was able to add 13 points.

Starting the second quarter Lexi gets put in and things start to come together. Shots are getting put up and girls start to wake up and next thing you know the Bulldogs are back in the game.  The Lady Bulldogs put up 21 points in this quarter while letting the Warriors add 10 points to theirs. The top scorer of the night was Mara Clancy with 19 points, Lexi with 9 points and Sydney DePauw with 6 points. The girls did a better job of shutting down Forest Area and keeping them out of the paint this quarter and making them work hard around the three-point line. Ending the first half barley in the lead the Bulldogs take over 25-23.

Beginning the second half of the game the Bulldogs stay strong and keep working to get open but point guards Lexi and Mara struggle to get it past half court but they managed to break through the pressure and keep putting up shots. The girls had a hard time rebounding and getting into the paint. The top rebounder of the night was Tyra Fletcher with 6. Hailey Shank and Lexi with 5 rebounds. Ending the third quarter, it was 38-31, Bulldogs.

Starting the fourth quarter the girls try to pull away but struggle to keep Forest Area out of the paint. Forest Area put up 17 points in the final quarter while Inland Lakes only had 6 points. The Bulldogs started to get outworked by the Warriors as the game gets closer to end. The Lady Bulldogs had 19 turnovers and 12 fouls as a team. The Warriors tied the game at 43 with a minute to go. Forest Area wins 48-43.

Next game is Tuesday, Feb. 20. The girls will be playing Bellaire for Senior Night at home.

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