Get Trumped or Feel the Bern???

Who would make a better president, Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding these two. Even though most people in school can’t vote now, most students still have an opinion. Yes, Trump can be very blunt, and most people do not enjoy it, but Trump has many great ideas to make America great again.

Bernie Sanders does too.

Most kids prefer one or the other solely based upon social media.

“I only like Trump because everyone else does,” freshman Alex Carper said.

This shows the strong pulls social media and friends have on people’s opinions.  Yet another reason why so many young people have voted or plan on voting for Bernie is because they want free college. But what they haven’t thought about it is where that money is coming from. His ideas are just as questionable as Trump’s. Taking away college tuition does not stop the problem of debt from student loans, but shifts in on to taxpayers.

Donald Trump’s ideas are not perfect either though. Trump’s idea to build a wall to keep all the immigrants out of the country is not exactly the world’s greatest idea. His plan is to build a wall along the border of Mexico that will cost an estimated $2.4 billion. Where is the money going to come from? Also, why will he not give any specific solutions based upon his ideas? He says he fears people stealing them, but is this just a cover because he has no ideas?

“I think the worst idea from any candidate is to build a wall to keep everyone out,” senior Mackenzie Wiser said. “Trump is not the greatest.”

On the other hand, some people feel Donald Trump could be a good candidate.

“I like Trump because he is drastic, he’s intense, and he is a game changer,”  teacher Nathan Jacques said. “I don’t support any of them, but it’s going to be interesting if he gets elected.”

People are entitled to their opinions and will think what they want, but we just have to wish best for our country!


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