Game Review: Undertale

If you are one for video games, then you should try out Undertale; one of the most popular indie games since Five Nights At Freddy’s to create a fanbase almost overnight.


Undertale is an exploration-based RPG game based around the world of the Underground, a world where demons and monsters of all kinds lurk in the shadows.

Your protagonist, a small child who is lost in the Underground, is greeted ever-so-kindly by a flower monster who calls himself Flowey. After trying to kill you in one of the most scary-for-a-seemingly-children’s-game ways possible, he is stopped by another monster, an albino goat-like creature who calls herself Toriel.

After a set of puzzles through a place called the RUINS, set to be a kind of tutorial, Toriel takes you in as her “child” of sorts, not allowing you to leave the RUINS. Ever.

…Unless you defeat her in a battle. Which you probably don’t want to do.


After a while of talking to her to get her to feel “bad” about wanting to fight you, she allows you to leave. When you do, of course, you are greeted again by Flowey.

The entire point of this game, it seems, is the fighting style. Each time you enter a battle. you are either able to kill the monster outright, or talk it out or otherwise convince it to stop fighting you. In some cases it will take quite a while to get a monster to stop fighting you; or they may need to be tricked into stopping, and a great example is a monster that goes by the name of Doggo– a dog that can only see something if it is moving.

Eventually you need to get close enough to pet him without seeing you. This may seem quite impossible, but if you “spare” him enough he will eventually let his guard down. His reaction? Quite amusing, actually.

You have two choices in this game – kill a foe or make it a friend.

What will you choose?


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