First Game Feels

Sophomore Tyra Fletcher played on the varsity last season. Photo by Kelly Boughner

Coming into the week of the girls first basketball game, anxieties are high as the day Pickford comes down to meet the girls at home creeps closer. The lady bulldog program has been working hard in order to overcome last year’s loss to the Panthers by 14. The hope is to come into the first half strong and swipe the game away.

“My hopes are to have a strong defense and be in the lead by the half,” sophomore varsity guard Mara Clancy said.

The women’s basketball program has been continuously running through plays, working up a sweat, and doing a bit of conditioning in order to be fully prepared. Each one of the players want to come out with a bang and start the season off right.

Last year the girl’s record wasn’t as great as it could of been. If they have the right mindset, a strong defense, and are able to communicate efficiently, things should run smoothly.

“Every game I have first game jitters,” varsity player junior Anna Beardsley said. “They never go away.”

In order to cool these nerves, some find it helpful to listen to music, take deep breaths, stretch, watch a little game film, and complete their pregame rituals. The lady bulldogs are excited they get to play as a team again, but are nervous because coach Pat Clancy raises the bar to where the performance needs to be at. This makes the girls improve individually, and as a team.

As long as the girls come together and utilize their skills to the best of their ability, we can expect good things from this year’s team.

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