Fall Sports Drawing To A Close

Luke Mayer prepares for the snap of the ball during the junior varsity football team's final game against JoBurg. Luke was called upon to play quarterback in the game, as starting quarterback Ben Schramm was called up to varsity.

Fall sports are rapidly coming to a close, with just the cross country teams left to compete in the State Finals on Saturday. 

The end of the season leaves many senior football players, cheerleaders and volleyball upset this year is their final year to play.

“It’s been a fun season,” football senior Tristan Krusell said. “It sucks it’s my last year.”

Krusell describes himself as feeling excited, nervous, and upset at the thought of leaving. Wishing he did not hurt his knee is leaving Tristan wondering if he could have had more tackles for this year. Junior Jarrett Blumke inspired Tristan a lot, because he said he is a good friend.

“Nothing ever hurts the kid,” Krusell said. “And he’s really funny.”

Senior Taylor Elliott explains how she will miss cheerleading, but is really excited to finally grow up and move on with her life. Elliott explains her favorite memory of the season.

“I really liked going in front of the Crazies and cheering with them,” Taylor said. “It was fun.”

Fall sports ending leaves freshmen upset, but excited for next year. Freshman Abby Kline says she thinks she improved a lot this year. She thinks her first year of high school sports went great. 

“My goal for next year is to be able to run with Lexi (Passino),” Kline said. “Like the whole time, not just part.”

Freshman Luke Mayer loves football. He loves that the team almost went undefeated for this season, but thinks the season would have been better if the junior varsity had won all their games. 

“My goal for next year is to make the varsity team for sure,” Mayer said.

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